Vizeer Gendaria

An attractive half-elf dressed in mostly silks and many laters of cloak.


Vizeer Gendaria is the employer of the Roc Regiment’s “Desert Drivers,” led by First Spear Athias. She arrived at the Arcium Post requesting news of an anthropologist’s caravan, along with tasking the party with retrieving a stolen book titled “The Darnaos Account.”

Vizeer Gendaria presented the credentials of being an official ambassador to King Methias Steel of Waterdeep, as well as a magistra of the Ordo Reliquim, an organization charged with housing, protecting, and displaying the relics of Waterdeep.

When addressing people, she speaks firm and does not allow interruptions. She is well-mannered and takes pains to extend formalities, courtesies, and addresses all by their title, no matter how meager it may be.


Vizeer Gendaria

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