The price of peace is not measured in gold…

There has never been another treaty like it: the Anauroch Settlement, a treaty ratified in the wake of countless skirmishes and tragedies.
Championing the cause is King Merlas II, lord of Dramia. For a century the kingdom of Dramia has tested its courage against both nature and enemy alike. The Anauroch desert leaves no being untested, and those who survive earn their existence through hardship and perseverance. Unwilling to commit to expanding humankind’s reach towards the “uninhabitable reaches” of the Anauroch, the barons and lords of the eastern lands never provided assistance to the courage of the pioneers…a decision they now regret.
The original settlers of Dramia have developed a reputation for their independence and unwillingness to accept help from any “lushlanders” who venture west. Victorious in their campaign to drive the mobile armies of the Lizardmen and Bedine deep into their ancestral swamplands, King Merlas II increased the claim of “civilized peoples” and incensed the mountain dwelling dwarven clans to join him in expanding far past the harsh sands which lay unclaimed.
Of the two clans of Dwarves inhabiting the Desertsmouth Mountains range only the Stonesplitter Clan committed—though a watershed commitment this was indeed. The Gemcutters, the smaller of the two clans, agreed to provide nominal support in keeping trade routes and mutual commerce available to the Dalelands. But the ambition of Druk Stonesplitter, contested heir to the Stonesplitter clan knows no bounds.
Tired of the relentless quarrying and excavating which have occupied his people for thousands of years, Druk participated in two of the most important battles in the Scaleback Crisis of 1244 and 1246. A fierce warrior and peerless merchant, Druk surveyed untouched veins of rare metals just beyond the grasp of Dramia. Fully aware the inept humans do not possess the technology or craft to harness it, Druk used his position as heir to the Stonesplitters to ratify the Anauroch Settlement at the festival of Lunar Kiss 1250.
With human and dwarf alike venturing out into the untamable wasteland, the troubles that sieged the ambitious people of Dramia one hundred years ago have become all but a memory.

The Terrors Of Time Past